/ˈɡo͝oro͞o/ noun

A person who steps beyond mediocrity to make peace with and master their everyday work tools. 

About Us

Super Guru Courses were designed with you and your daily workforce tasks in mind. 

Created by longtime UKG/Kronos consultants Improvizations (Improv), the Course offers busy professionals with bite-sized, knowledge-packed WFC troubleshooting they can leverage in the workplace right away.  

For Students 

This foundational WFC course will help you sharpen your skills, see new pathways in your system, and find faster solutions to the workforce issues you encounter each day. 

For Sponsors

For the Manager or Student Sponsor, Super Guru Courses will help you close training gaps and build a team of skilled, trusted UKG Admins to support your changing workforce. Translation: Clarity + Confidence = ROI.

Course Creators

You are in capable hands. Improv has been in the Workforce Management arena for nearly 30 years. As Kronos consultants, we help UKG users just like you work through the often complex Timekeeping, Attendance, and Payroll configurations that can undermine efficiency and ROI.

Our initial course, Mastering the Foundations of WFC,  is the first of many that set your team on a path toward WFC mastery and a future in Workforce Dimensions.