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carlos verdin
Resident Super Guru

Carlos Verdin

He cut his teeth at Kronos and now we're proud to have WFC expert Carlos leading the first of many classes offered by Improv. 

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Jenna DeVries

"A lot of people have asked us for a training program that echoes our client work sessions. So, we took that idea and ran with it." 

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  • Develop the skills & confidence they need to carry out their daily tasks in WFC.
  • Troubleshoot common WFC workflow issues.
  • Understand their tools and enjoy their work.
  • Reimagine workflows; reduce manual processes.
  • Strengthen compliance efforts.
  • Collaborate with peers and seek out new solutions.
  • Maintain a learning mindset with ongoing access to course material.
"In WFC, there's usually more than one way to perform a task. Without learning how to truly understand and implement best practices, one risks never achieving the promised ROI."

Bryan deSilva — The Kronos Guy

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UKG Workforce Training essentials

4 classes, 50+ video lessons, approx. 7 hours of video instruction, job aids & resources

  • Understand the components of WFC Navigators
  • Learn about features like Genies, Widgets, and HyperFinds
  • Use the basics of Timecards & Schedule Planner
  • Learn how to create, edit, and delete Pay Codes
  • Understand WFC Profiles and where to troubleshoot
  • Grasp the building blocks for Pay Rules Work Rules
WFC Foundations



Navigating Workforce Central

This class will provide you with the foundational principles of the UKG Workforce Central (WFC) environment as well as an overview of key interface features and functionality.

Class Objectives
  • Understand basic WFC terminology  
  • Identify and set up Common Workspaces  
  • Use Genies in relation to Hyperfinds and Time Periods 
  • Access Widgets and Workspaces directly from the Genie
  • Use Timecard and Schedule Planner Widgets effectively
  • And much more!


Timecards & Schedule Planner

This class lays out everything a UKG Admin needs to know to use Timecards and Schedule Planner effectively and how to troubleshoot common issues that can arise within those features.

Class Objectives
  • Correctly use key features of WFC Timecards and Schedule Planner
  • Use Timecard Tabs
  • Perform Timecard Edits
  • Delete a Pay Code Edit and Cancel a Meal Deduction
  • Use Schedule Planner Views to manage schedules
  • And much more!


WFC Profiles & Troubleshooting

There are several different Profiles a UKG Administrator will use in Workforce Central and each is designed to give (or deny) different people access to different data views within the UKG.

Class Objectives
  • Discern which Profile gives access to what data
  • Understand and correctly use the Tabs within each Profile
  • Set up Navigator and learn how it connects to the Display Profile
  • Understand Function vs. Data Access Profiles
  • Where to find various Profiles in the People Record
  • And much more!


Pay Rules & Work Rules 101

Pay Rules define how an employee is paid based on the labor laws in that jurisdiction. In this Class we will go over the building blocks critical to optimizing Pay Rules and Work Rules in WFC.

Class Objectives
  • Learn the building blocks critical to setting up Pay and Work Rules
  • Use the fields in Pay Code Definitions
  • Understand Time and Attendance Options
  • Apply Rounding Rule fields for rounding best practices
  • Navigate Overtime Rules, Pay Code Distributions, and Fixed Rules
  • And much more!

Foundations of Workforce Central

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Learn + Connect

  • Foundations of Workforce Central Course (4 Classes)
  • Full access to Super Guru Community
  • Access to live, monthly community Q&A session + recordings




Learn + Connect + Train

  • Foundations of Workforce Central Course (4 Classes)
  • Full access to Super Guru Community
  • Access to live, monthly community Q&A session + recordings
  • Three, 1-hour personal work sessions with senior Improv consultants



Learn + Connect + Resolve

  • Foundations of Workforce Central Course (4 Classes)
  • Full access to Super Guru Community
  • Access to live, monthly community Q&A session + recordings
  • Four, 1-hour personal work sessions with an assigned senior Improv consultant
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